Kassim Siedik

Let’s work smarter, not harder.

A Malaysia Based Web designer with capabilities in cloud & content management system. Have some knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) & Retargeting. 

Save Time

Design with reusable beautiful templates instaed of start over again with HTML & CSS. 

Stay Organized

Formatting details of web with formulae that can looks professional. Precise in Mobile & Tab Design for Progressive Web App (PWA) capabilities.

Drive Revenue

Understand Digital Marketing & Advertisement lover in which psychology strategy is studied & implemented.

How I Can Help


I can help you make simple design of your web and provide fix templates. In addition, if you require assistant on blog development, I will provide you guidance on developing it.

My Projects

DanielHan Lee - Financial Influencer

DanielHan Lee

He is a 90’s born Financial Influencer who has been working hard on Entreupreuner.

Miska Lab

Eric Miska Laboratory

Research group at the Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

Bizway Management

Bizway Management

Bizway is a specialized brand for Company Management Services based in Malaysia.

Save time, money & stress with remote, WeB DESIGNER

10 Reasons to Hire a Remote Web DESIGNER

Save Time
Lower Budget
Flexible to Make Appointment
Customization on Design
1-to-1 Consultation
Stick to Clients’ Priority
Better Customer Service
Follow Clients’ Corporate Policy